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About us

Brands made to stand out, making waves in the casino industry.

Just like a surfer catching that dream wave – go for it. A life changing moment!

WaveAffiliates may be new, but our team consists of some of the most experienced people in the industry. We're perfectionists at heart and innovation is our main driving force.

We know what players want and we know how to optimize your quality traffic.

Values such as transparency and trust guide us in our day-to-day contact with affiliates and we believe these to be the very core to any successful relationship.

It’s been blood sweat and tears, but we’re finally ready to present to you our very first brand!

Lifetime commission
Expert CRM
Monthly payouts

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POCKETPLAY.COM is our first brand launched in late 2020 and is...

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Get started and get rewarded

Get started and get rewarded

Once you’ve opened your account, your deal is ready and you can start sending traffic. Your rewards will depend on how many players you send, as per the table here on the left.

Earnings are on a “lifetime” basis. This means that you will keep earning money, as long as your players are still active in one of our casinos.

Note: we do not apply negative carryover, which means that even during a month when your revenue is negative, this will be reset to zero at the beginning of a new month.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get paid?
Your earnings will be paid out once a month. All you need to do is to send us an invoice, including our company details and your bank transfer details. Our company details are: need company details
Is there a minimum payout?
Yes. We only make payments of €200 or more. If your monthly earnings are less than that, these will be transferred and added to your earnings the following month. Once the total amount add up to €200 or more, we will make the payment.
What payment options do you offer?
Your commission can be paid by bank transfer. Right now, we do not offer any other payment options.
How often are my stats updated?
Clicks are updated in real time. The rest of your stats are updated once every 24 hours, and will be visible from around 09:30 CET.
Can I separate my traffic between different sites or other traffic sources?
Yes. On your affiliate account, go to “Marketing” and click on “Manage campaigns”. After you have created your campaigns and fetch your tracking link, you can apply any campaign to that link.